Areas of activities


The changes in agricultural activities can significantly impact the climate and at the same time are directly very much dependent on these climatic conditions.

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Sustainable food sector with short supply chains can bring environmental, health and social benefits for the each member of society.

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Fostering new technologies and business models keeping the resources - materials, energy, products, infrastructure - in use for longer and preventing harmful products.

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The building sector is one of the largest energy consumers, responsible for more than one third of the EU's emissions. The sector is important due to its labour intensiveness, too.

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Achieving sustainability means putting users first and providing them with more affordable, accessible, healthier and cleaner alternatives to their mobility  habits.

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To meet the ambition of becoming the climate-neutral by 2050, the engagement of all citizens and other parts of society in climate action is essential.

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From Industrial to Digital and Green

We lead the behavioural and cultural change, test and scale-up innovative solutions, while moving forward on strategic pathways - all to help changing the Košice region from industrial to digital and green.

We always make sure no-one is left behind while designing and implementing the change, we base our actions on the data and information available and make well-considered steps patiently.

Co-design and implementation

Data-driven decision-making

Step-by-step towards strategic goals


Košice Self-governing Region
Košický samosprávny kraj
Regional Authority
Technical University of Košice
Technická univerzita v Košiciach
Research and Innovation
European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Via Carpatia
Európske zoskupenie územnej spolupráce Via Carpatia
Cross-border EGTC
Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Regional Chamber Košice
Slovenská obchodná a priemyselná komora - Regionálna komora Košice
Business Support
ASPINNO - Agency for Support of Procurement Innovations, n.o.
ASPINNO - Agentúra na podporu inovácií v obstarávaní, n.o.
Civil Society
Local Marketplace, civil assoc.
Lokálne trhovisko, o.z.
Civil Society