What we face


As stated by The European Commission, the sustainability in agriculture and rural areas across the EU can be significantly supported thanks to the common agricultural policy (CAP) which provide the combination of the social, economic, and environmental approaches on the path towards achieving a sustainable system in the particular countries and the union as the whole. This approach has been developed as most of these activities are sustained by good environmental conditions, which allow farmers to harness natural resources, create their produce and through their selling on the regional and global markets, obtain financial resources as the reward which enables them sustains farm families and rural communities, while the food produced by agriculture sustains society as a whole.

The focus to encourage the stakeholders within the field of agriculture is very important as they can significantly help when fulfilling the proposed aims of the Green Deal, as e.g.:building a sustainable food system through the Farm to Fork strategy;·

  • adding to the new biodiversity strategy by protecting and enhancing the variety of plants and animals in the rural ecosystem;·
  • contributing to the climate action of the Green Deal to achieve the goal of net-zero emissions in the EU by 2050;·
  • supporting the updated forestry strategy, to be announced in 2020, by maintaining healthy forests;·
  • contributing to a zero pollution action plan, to be set out in 2021, by safeguarding natural resources such as water, air and soil.

How we act

As stated in the The Strategy of Adaptation of the Slovak Republic to the Adverse Consequences of Climate Change agriculture is highly exposed to the adverse effects of climate change because agricultural activities are directly dependent on climatic conditions. Raising atmospheric CO2 concentrations, increase in average annual air temperature, changes in annual the course and time of precipitation and the frequency of extreme weather events have an impact on water resources, soil, the occurrence of pests and diseases, affect quantity, quality and stability food production and lead to changes in both plant and animal production.

And that is the reason why was proposed new approach - Climate-friendly agriculture – which is an integrative approach to interconnected solutions challenges in the field of food security and climate change, with a view to sustainable development increased productivity, resilient systems of agricultural and food security through measures to adapt to climate change and remove greenhouse gases (mitigation) following the main  European strategy - Common Agricultural Policy.


The concrete actions and their supporting tools were defined in the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 in which can be found 3 strategic goals:

  • Strengthening the competitiveness of the agricultural sector
  • Sustainable management of natural resources and adaptation to climate change
  • Balanced territorial development of rural economies and communities, including job creation and maintenance

What we do

Since 2018 we are proud partner of the Knowledge and Innovation Community - EIT Climate-KIC - Europe's largest public-private partnership with the mission to support climate innovation and adaptation, strongly supported also by the European Union. Thanks to this membership, as well as other active communication and cooperation activities with partners from all over the world we can be informed about the new trends and technologies and transfer this new knowledge to our regional network or even further develop them within wide range of our project activities supported by national and international grant programmes. 

TUKE, as respected leader of regional quadruple-helix innovation network, act as the pioneer of innovations, encouraging other stakeholders to reflect to the actual challenges implementing new technologies and social innovations also in the topic as intelligent and sustainable agriculture, including the precision farming, smart hydroponic systems, automation of processes using variety of sensors and IoT, supported especially by digital technologies.

urban_inno_tuke_agriculture_4_3 (2)

Moreover, the connection to latter stages of the food value chains to decrease the level of waste is of our interest – The possibilities of making the food bio-waste generated at the canteens at schools and social facilities circular – using it in the agricultural production (after composting or processed in bio-gas plant) – have been evaluated in the CITYCIRCLE project (Interreg Central Europe), as a pilot activity of the Circular Economy Strategy in Košice Region, with very high potential of replicability in the canteens, especially controlled by City of Kosice and Kosice Self-governing Region. Another example is the innovative Urban Food System – digital market of agricultural products which has been developed as the activity of the project URBAN INNO (Interreg Central Europe Programme). The efforts lead to the development of a digital marketplace of agricultural products to match the local production of the rural areas with the demand mainly from urban areas, creating new value chains, which helps to increase the percentage of agricultural production processed in the region with higher added-value, trigger the improvement of storing, logistical and selling infrastructure for local products and improve attractiveness of local products through improved visual design.

Our various activities supporting innovation development in various forms supporting the development of sustainable agriculture are regularly implemented as well as needed capacity building initiatives targeting the weak points of farmers´ businesses, including the eco and bio-farming techniques, servitization and new business models. Also, new business and cooperating models are being developed enabling the circularity of machinery and joint procurements among group of farmers, increasing the economic efficiency of the processes with lower negative environmental impacts. 


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